Press, radio and promotion for music of electronic inclination

Chromatic Club Interview Altered View as they prep for their 'This Robot Society' EP on Kilsha Music 17 Jun 2024
Pepites Troniques premiere 'How No' by Stereocalypse (feat. Irvine Welsh) 17 Jun 2024
'Amnesia' by Radio Slave ft Cagedbaby premieres on Pepites Troniques 17 Jun 2024
John Digweed spins Cristina Lazic's 'L'Amour' from her upcoming EP on La Zic 17 Jun 2024
Josh Wink's 'The Deepness' gets a play on John Digweed's 'Transitions' radio show 17 Jun 2024
Constant Circles premiere '50 Gallon Drums' by ADMN & Aran Daniels 17 Jun 2024
Ballacid shares 'The Works', the latest release from Bendersnatch, ADMN, Aran Daniels and Gino 17 Jun 2024
Ballacid shares Eris' latest EP, 'Glimmers', via Plexus 4 17 Jun 2024
Hedchef's 'Could We Not Have Asked For A Smaller Void?', receives radio support from BBC Radio 6's Tom Ravenscroft 17 Jun 2024
There’s a disconnect within the community, because you have all these new people who are coming in - and the people who come in just don’t always have a sense of mindfulness of the community or how to interact with them.‘ - Mixmag delves into conversation with Brooklyn DJ duo musclecars about community, the golden age of NYC nightlife, their affiliation with BBE, and their debut album ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea!’. 17 Jun 2024
COMPLEX share news as Djammin returns to Más Tiempo with 'Bounce', the first single from his forthcoming EP on the label. 17 Jun 2024
Music Is 4 Lovers premiere VLTRA's latest release 'How It Feels' via Sound D'Elite 17 Jun 2024
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