The Classic Music Company Profile

In the year of our lord 1995 Luke Solomon (Space resident) visits Chicago, as a guest of Chez Damier’s, to DJ with Derrick Carter. After two killer sets and several large drinks, Luke and Derrick decide to create a label which they feels defines the sound of their sets and will provide like-minded artists with a home to release proper house records. Classic is born. The following year the first compilation release on Classic, “Seasons” is released featuring tracks from artists as diverse as Rednail (Derrick Carter), Freaks, Chez Damier, Rob Mello and Chris Nazuka, and sets the ball rolling for other artists to join the label. Nail (Bent), Herbert, Freesoul (Diesel & Freaks) all release EP’s.

By 1997 esteemed House luminaries such as Blaze, Chris Nazuka, Diesel (X-press 2), Derrick Carter, and DJ Sneak (whose “You Can’t Hide From Your Bud” becomes one of the anthems of 1997) also release tracks on Classic. By 1998 Classic continues to grow from strength to strength. Releasing groundbreaking two ep’s from Gemini (Chicago), as well as tracks from, Jean Caffeine, Freeform Five and Phillipe Maurice. A label deal secured with Chrysalis in France, and a compilation, entitled “Classic Classic” takes the label’s profile to the next level.
1999 proves to be a pivotal year for the label. Releasing some of the most ground breaking and innovative house records of the year. Most notably Isolée ‘Beau Mot Plage”, described in countless magazines as the tune of 1999. Classic also was privileged to release two Derrick Carter EP’s “Nu Pschidt” and “A Hope” both stand as testament to Derrick’s genius as one of the world’s most renowned DJs and Producers. Classic also released two superb 12”s by London House stalwart Rob Mello and Gemini.

The new millennium dawns and Classic go onward and upward as they release a new compilation album, “Back In 10 Minutes” as well as releasing some amazing 12”s by German artists: Isolée, Markus Nikolai “Bushes” (contender for Tune of the year) and Losoul. By this stage Classic are releasing a record every two weeks. Some of these include three releases by Derrick Carter, two by DJ Sneak, two by Freeform Five, two by Rob Mello, EP’s by Phil Asher (Woolph), Tim Shumaker (Home & Garden), Iz and Diz (San Francisco) and the party-tastic DJ Bang as a closure to Classic’s best year to date.

By 2001Classic embark upon a series of mixed compilations, starting with Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter “Thanks for coming by…”, with a Doc Martin mixed CD as the next release in the series. Watch out for new projects by DJ Sneak, Oneiro  (Chicago), Iz & Diz (San Francisco), Tiefschwarz, Black Box Technology, Induceve and the Greens Keepers. 2002 and the world starts to take more notice as Classic go from strength to strength, releasing massive groundbreaking, genre defying anthems by Rob Mello “Fantasize”, Iz n Diz “Mouth, Derrick Carter “Where U At?”, Freeform Five’s “Perspex Sex” and Tiefschwarz’s “Hello Again”. Classic also release an amazing mixed CD from West Coast House Hero Doc Martin, as well as artist albums by Derrick L. Carter (the world’s greatest DJ) and genius German based producers Tiefschwarz.

2003 and Classic seem unstoppable, releasing the revolutionary debut album from Chicago’s lords of the Swing, Greens Keepers. Derrick also releases a collection of his finest remixes to date, including hard to find gems by Human League, Blair, The Beloved & Superman Lovers!  The prolific 12″ excellence continues with releases from Isolée, Tiefschwarz, Iz & Diz, Derrick L. Carter, Brett Johnson, Stefan Goldman and Robbie Hardkiss.

2005 Classic reaches its 10th Year and its final catalogue number . This is epitomized with the Rob mello future Classic Critical.  This is the end of an old era for Derrick and Luke, and the start of something new.

Classic release digital only remixes across various titles on the back catalogue.
Includes Prins Thomas and Mike Monday mixes of Third Face. A single from Bruno Gaulthier with remixes from Simon Baker and Rob Mello. A single from JT Donaldson and Cpen entitled Crimes. Plus some wonderful remixes of Brett Johnson and Dave Barker’s classic Stucco Homes.

After a relatively dormant few years with a few digital only releases Classic is set to return.
Expect new material and some new interpretations of old.












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