GDX ‘Cayta EP’ – Phlox











Taking in influences from dubstep, garage, deep house and techno Austriaʼs Phlox imprint is rapidly becoming a must-check label for those who have scant regard for obsessive genre classification and ʻCaytaʼ EP from GDX should satisfy a wide cross section of electronic music lovers.

From beginnings on GiG Records (the home of Falco) in 1988, Gerhard Potuznik aka GDX has been a producer with an enviable CV. Throughout the 90ʼs he released on Patrick Pulsingerʼs seminal Cheap Records as well as unleashing an LP as GD Luxxe on DMX Krewʼs Breakinʼ Records, while other production duties have included Chicks on Speed and his own left-of-centre Mäuse band alongside Tex Rubinowitz. Countless other aliases and releases for the likes of Suction, Interdimensional transmissions, Mego, Detroitʼs Ersatz Audio and Kid 606ʼs Tigerbeat6 have also done much to develop Potuznikʼs career.

As GDX, Potuznik delivers two 4:4 driven tracks for the ʻCaytaʼ EP. The title track builds out of a warm bed of synths and uses subtle, rounded bass and nearly-there breaks to propel itself. Heavily affected vocals scatter throughout the track while clever use of various snares lend a skipping, Garage flavour to the dubby cut.

ʻSecond Sunʼ is the more direct of the two cuts. Taking just a handful of melodic progressions and serving them up on propulsive beats and compressed Detroit strings, its hazy energy is relentless.