A Sagittariun ‘Carina EP (& October Remix)’ – Elastic Dreams










Bristol-based A Sagittariun’s Elastic Dreams follows up its debut release ‘The Circle Stops Somewhere’ with a 5 track EP entitled ‘Carina’ this coming February.

‘The Circle Stops Somewhere’ received an incredible amount of Dj Support, with venerable jocks like Lawrence, Craig Richards, Peter Van Hoesen and Gilb’R all chiming in with plaudits well beyond the usual ‘support’ nonsense.

The label’s latest, ‘Carina’, combines afrobeat, dub, jazz, detroit soundscapes and British electronica to create the sort of varied EP that is rarely heard these days. While the tempos, rhythms and feelings shift from track to track there’s a deeper theme that joins them and it’s the unmistakable references to a time when house/techno meant more than heads down, 4:4 club fodder.

Having struck up a relationship off the back the first EP and a shared base of Bristol, October delivers a remix of A Sagittariun’s title cut and shows yet again why his output is head and shoulders above the rest. Raw, analog and emotive it’s a classic piece of house music that oozes real passion for machines and beats.

A Sagittariun’s ‘Carina’ b/w October’s ‘Soft Body Move’ is released on Elastic Dreams in Feb 2012..

A Sagittariun – Carina EP (E-DREAMS002) preview by Elastic Dreams

DJ Feedback :

Raphaël Gros (Ripperton / Lazy Fat People) – The Ninth Sign and Julian ace remix for me, happy new year :)

Harry (Midland) – This is wicked, The Ninth sign is great and Jules’ remix is incredible! Big up.

Tazz  (Underground Quality / Tsuba) – Dope!

Lewie Day (Tornado Wallace) – Love this EP. Can’t pick a fave. Totally dreamy. Thanks!

Laurie Osborne (Appleblim) – Sounding nice! love the carl craig breakbeat vibes on the orig.