Tact Recordings Profile

Tact Recordings is the collective of four producers / DJs hailing from London, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds. Upon meeting through studies in sound engineering our passion for House Music as well as our similar ambitions led us to form a strong bond.

After spending our youth clubbing during the inflation of electronic music and the culture surrounding it we have all begun to take active steps to become part of the scene we grew up with. By taking inspiration from our favourite labels and artists as well as stirring in our own individual flavours we have created Tact Recordings a platform for releasing music that we feel portrays the emotions and vibe of our labels approach.

We hope to release six EP’s a year, drawing on both the talents of up and coming producers as well as those artists who we feel have inspired and forged the sound we play and love.

Tact Recordings Members :

Jordan Bruce [Aura]
Nick Burgoyne
Richard ‘RJ’ Fletcher
Sam Monaghan


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