Opilec Music Profile

“Opilec” (1917) is a story by Josef Čapek, a writer and cubist painter, brother of Karel Čapek, the man who is supposed to have invented the term “robot”, with the original meaning of “servant”.
From this important etymology, that truly inspired all Isaac Asimov literature, comes Opilec Music by Gianluca “I-Robots” Pandullo’s fervent mind.

Opilec Music is a label project deeply built on Asimovian ways of thinking, taking on board how technology is not an enemy of the human species but a help and a real and useful extension of our mind. The robot is our friend and the music too.

Opilec Music is infused by old school Disco, Chicago House & Detroit Techno, the early 80’s Italo & Synth, Electro & Cosmic Disco and strongly by Krautrock & Electronic musical genres that in different but equally important way have conditioned the history of dance music. To date the label has released music from I-Robots, The Units, Federico Gandin, Derrick May, Infiniti (Juan Atkins & Orlando Voorn), Klein & MBO & Mushrooms Project to name a few.

The label has gained support from an array of Djs including Ben Sims, Laurent Garnier, Ray Mang, the Emperor Machine, Pete Herbert, Soul Clap, Groove Armada, SLAM, Stacey Pullen & the Horse Meat Disco crew, to name but a few and has received write ups from press including Mixmag, The Quietus, DJ Mag, De:Bug, Groove, Tsugi etc.



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